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Why you shouldn’t care about the death of authorship

Why you shouldn’t care about the death of by Sean Enns

There’s a great article on Search Engine Land about the death of Google’s authorship markup in search engine results (SERPs).

I’m not surprised. Neither is AJ Kohn: check out his thread on Google+.

Here’s why I think they dropped it (the short version).

Authorship was meant to be a measure of author authority. But it never was. It was more a measure of technical ability. That is, if you were able to implement the authorship markup, you would gain the advantage of higher clickthroughs from SERPs, making your posts seem more authoritative.

Which should never be the case. Authorship should be a measure of whether my writing is any good (of quality, and having authority in my field), not whether I’m able to overcome technical obstacles and have content created.

Hat tip to David Hatchman from VSP Media for bringing this to my attention.

Story written by Sean Enns


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