SEO is just the beginning

Only one website can rank first for every search. Either you do,
or someone else does. Every day that you don't is a lost opportunity.

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Search engines are complicated. There are over 200 signals that determine where a site will end up in search results. Some are based on simple things, like unique page titles and navigation; others, like backlinks and social signals, are more complex.

Because the ranking algorithms for Google and Bing are always changing, there's value in having people on your team who follow new developments in search engine ranking factors and technology, who are committed to staying current and who are focused on providing long-term, sustainable marketing strategies.

Harbour City SEO is different from other agencies. Instead of splitting our focus into design and development, 100% of our time and energy is committed to developing effective internet marketing strategies.We operate out of a virtual office with partners across Vancouver Island and throughout British Columbia, each of whom specializes in a different creative industry ranging from mobile development and applications to television broadcasting, full-service branding and comprehensive marketing campaigns.

There isn't any single SEO solution that fits everyone, though there are many strategies common to all websites. If you're starting out with SEO and not sure what to do first, try visiting the official Harbour City SEO blog for some free advice and information on getting started. We also recommend SEOMoz and Search Engine Land for an introduction to search engine optimization.

You can view some of the SEO projects we've worked on here, learn more about the range of SEO and search engine services we offer here, or contact us to initiate an SEO campaign for your business.

We also enjoy partnering with like-minded businesses. If you're an agency looking to add SEO and internet marketing services to your roster, contact us to learn more about my wholesale and agency rates.



mobile marketing

Mobile devices outnumber personal computers, but less than 1 in 10 websites has an active mobile presence.

Whether it's an app or a mobile website - businesses everywhere, from clothing boutiques to banks, are taking advantage of the exciting, new post-pc world.

The future of marketing is mobile. You can wait, and be dragged into the mobile landscape by customers who demand you meet them on their terms, or you can take the first step now. Like Neil Armstrong, you can be a pioneer and plant your flag in the moon-rocks of mobile search and social applications

Our solutions range from designer QR codes to mobile websites and applications. Learn more about our mobile marketing services here or contact us to initiate a mobile marketing project for your business.


Designer QR Code for Harbour City SEO

social media

Social media is more than blogging, more than Facebook and Twitter, it's a method of disseminating and distributing information to the masses. It's making new friends, spreading your influence and engaging potential customers on social platforms. Diving into the deep end of the social media swimming pool can be a daunting task for newcomers. Harbour City SEO helps by providing insight into what the different social media platforms are used for, and how you can leverage the resources you already have to make the most of a social media campaign.

A light bulb enables people to create spaces during nighttime that would otherwise be enveloped by darkness... that is, a light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence. -Marshall McLuhan

More famously, the medium defines the message. Blogging encourages an informal tone of voice. Twitter challenges us to be brief and succinct by limiting us to 140 characters. Facebook invites us to share the things we love with friends and family and Google+ offers an opportunity to engage in conversations about the topics that interest us the most. Social bookmarking sites, flickr, YouTube, each has a unique purpose and speaks to some of us, and not to others. Which social platforms speak to you?

Find your social comfort zone. Learn more about our social media services, view some of the social media campaigns we've been a part of, or contact us to initiate a social media campaign.

content marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and marketing various types of content with the goal of inspiring the reader to take a specific action. Maybe that action is a subscription to your newsletter, maybe it's a sale of your products or services or maybe it's a link back to your website.

Whatever the action, defining what that action is and who the content is meant for is a key step to content marketing.

Examples of
content marketing

The content on the right is an infographic created by Search Engine Land. Infographics are a great way to generate links and authority for your website. Other examples of content marketing might include:

  • Written articles
  • Whitepapers
  • Video content
  • Photosets
  • Content lists
  • Industry resources

People say that content is king. We would argue that content marketing is king. It's important to create content, but even more important is making sure that the right content is seen by the people it was meant for.

It starts with a discussion about your online business goals, and ends with total domination of your industry. To learn more, contact us to start a discussion about a content marketing strategy for your business.

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

Are you actively marketing?

Up to now, brands have expected the consumer to come to them. Those days are gone. If you want to engage an audience, your kung-fu needs to be strong. You must be like water.

Adjust to changes in technology, be fluid with your methods and you will find a way through to your customers. The business that stands still is quickly left behind, while the business that innovates and adapts will always find a way.

Stop standing still

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